Introducing Tom Smarte


Tom Smarte – the finest hats for men

Tom Smarte of London is a contemporary men’s hat company creating luxuriously classic styles, in premium textiles for the modern gentleman. A new menswear brand born of a rich heritage and dedicated to preserving true craftsmanship – a Tom Smarte hat is style personified.

With design roots firmly based in London, the Tom Smarte signature look is unmistakeably a modern, well-groomed but urban style, one which is equally at home on the streets of Paris, New York, Copenhagen, Tokyo…….

Tom Smarte Style

The finest collection of hats, Tom Smarte covers all the quintessential silhouettes in hat design including the fedora, flat cap, pork pie, newsboy cap and trilby. Style classics that will always be in favour, Tom Smarte presents shapes to suit all types of man and all situations.

All pieces are lovingly hand-crafted both in the UK and Italy by specialist highly skilled hat makers, whose craft has been passed down through the generations. The hats are built to last using age old blocking , forming, steaming and stitching techniques

The luxury fabrics sourced for the hats include tweeds, wools, fur felts, merino and cashmere with the colour palette staying classic – the perfect accompaniment to any style conscious wardrobe. The styles are timeless and traditional but have been gentrified for the modern man with contemporary style detailing, subtle twists and high-end fabrics.


Inspired by the rich and colourful heritage of hundreds of years of highly skilled hat making in the UK, the name Tom Smarte has been synonymous with hats since the 1770’s. With this modern brand being born from the intriguing story of generations of hat makers, all called Tom Smarte, the original Thomas Smarte made hats in Devon in the West Country of England with his apprentice Robert Maynard over 240 years ago. This British luxury brand has now been born to carry on this tradition of Tom Smarte, creating the finest quality hats which are built to last, drawing on the finest workmanship to hand-craft unique hats for the urban gentleman.


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  • Karen Dewar-Davies

    20.02.2016 at 21:22

    Please could you provide me with more information regarding your fur felt hat’s. ie: Are the furs ethically sourced and are they a by product of the food industry?
    Thank you,
    Kind Regards,

    • Allon Zloof

      23.02.2016 at 15:48

      Thank you very much for asking the question. All materials we use are indeed ethically sourced and this is imperative for us. All the fur felts are by-products from the organic food industry and we refuse to use anything that is bred for clothing. All materials used are sourced from within the European Union and are strictly controlled.